Green residential projects
Sustainability should not be just a requirement; it should be a norm, and a way of life.

Sachin Goregaoker - Partner, GA Design

Green residential projects add value to the projects and help build a bond of trust between the developer and buyer. Sustainable projects are highly recognized by government authorities and can therefore enhance the brand value of the company/developer leading to increased customer loyalty. Today, many corporate companies are recognizing the need for corporate social responsibility and are choosing to go green as part of their commitment to sustainability.

Green residential projects

Sustainable projects can achieve significant savings by using solar panels for heating, low E glass, LED lighting, energy-efficient HVAC systems. rainwater harvesting systems, STPs, sanitary products that reduce water consumption, recycling of waste water, waste management to effectively recycle or repurpose wastage, use of locally available non-toxic materials, and providing ample open spaces and green patches within and around buildings for a healthier living environment.

Architects and developers collaborate throughout the design and construction process to ensure that the project meets the client’s needs, is cost-effective and is delivered on time. They may work together to identify key design features such as building massing, orientation, and program requirements that will influence the project’s design and construction. They collaborate to develop construction details and specifications, and to identify any value engineering opportunities that can help to reduce costs.