Nuance Studio, a leading manufacturer of luxury concrete products
Nuance Studio, a leading manufacturer of luxury concrete products, has partnered with Mave Concept Singapore, to bring their innovative concrete-based product line into the Singaporean market. The collaboration will enable Mave Concept Singapore to offer its clients exclusive access to Nuance Studio’s curated collection of designer concrete panels, furniture, washbasins, bathtubs, and bespoke products to their esteemed clientele. Nuance Studio’s innovative Litheoz concrete, a cutting-edge German technology, offers endless new-age design possibilities. Its handcrafted products include a product catalogue that comes in varied textures and 16 standardised colours that complement the signature Litheoz Concrete. With both Nuance Studio and Mave Concept Singapore pushing the boundaries of creativity, the partnership is set to introduce innovative concepts and unique creations that resonate with designers and architects.